Love the Ultimate gift

Past Exhibitions

Love..The Ultimate Gift... 2014

It’s very interesting annual event which I always try not to skip. The atmosphere there is wonderful, the organization and management is terrific. It’s an event where a group of talented artists gather and show their latest works. Despite it’s scheduling in the winter but the excitement of the many people their gives a warm and joy feeling.

Celebration of colours...

My 3rd event in the city of Hasselt with 9 other artists in de "Zaal onder de Toren" in the year 2013...Read more

Solo Exhibition...

This was my second personal exhibition in Belgium. It was in the Gallery “Luc De Baker” in 2010...Read more

Burnt,But Not Broken...

A big annual event in Hasselt with 74 artists with the cooperation of the city of Hasselt...Read more