Burnt but not broken

Past Exhibitions

Burnt, But Not Broken... 2017

A huge annual exhibition in Hasselt in February 2017 with 74 artists in cooperation with the city of Hasselt and what made it special is that not exclusively for painting while there were ceramic, metal, wood sculptors and photographers as well. A musical activities were present as well. it was the first time that I participate in a 3D work using tissues in canvas. I liked the event and the atmosphere I really enjoyed it and  was happy by the nice feedbacks I received then.    

Solo Exhibition...

This was my second personal exhibition in Belgium. It was in the Gallery “Luc De Baker” in 2010...Read more

A trio in Antwerpen...

An interesting event in the city of Antwerpen with 2 artists in 2017...Read more

LOVE..The Ultimate Gift...

Another lovely event in the city of Hasselt with 27 talanted artists in...Read more