Inspirations and Thoughts


Don’t wake me up,  mom.

Leave me alone.

You promised me a beautiful world.

You were telling me amazing stories about it.

I began to imagine it and fought with the time to see it. I had no idea.

All you told me was a fiction story.

Sorry mom, I decided to go back.

It’s my final decision.

I won’t be part of your world.

I’ll stay here.

Don’t worry about me.

Don’t worry about my teeth.

I won’t use them here.

I’ll close my eyes forever.

Dreaming of the world you’ve been telling me about. A world that made up my bones and skin.

Sorry mom, I don’t fit into your world.

oil colors on canvas


oil colors on canvas


I’m talking about a town you don’t know.

You should have heard about it in the media.

Despite it’s becoming the title of death. It’s still alive.

It keeps singing the best melodies.

It’s still colourful and keeps wearing the most beautiful clothes.

Kids still being promised to go to the attraction park, and they are happily running and

jumping,…but they don’t know that they might get wings. Wings that will take them to a different world. A world we know nothing about.

It has one door, written on it “Entrance only”..

I meet you.

I was excited, waiting for this date.

I even counted the hours and minutes.

I never felt more female before.

When I’m with you, I’m complete..

oil colors on canvas


Don't go away

Don’t go away.

I’ll chase you and be with you until I’ll be part of you.

Don’t be surprised, and don’t hesitate me.

I came with a heart, sick of love, calling you for a long time.

Don’t blame it for coming without appointment.

It fell in love.

Can we blame someone in love?

oil colors on canvas


Can you find me?

I lost the way.

I can’t find the way out.

I touch my face. I barely recognize myself.

It’s a new world.

Difficult to believe.

I Love it.

I’ll be part of it.

oil colors on canvas


oil colors on canvas


My city.

City of pride and peace. It’s always called “ The home of peace”.

My city, the smell of hope and beauty.

Its yesterday, today and tomorrow.

It was.

Until it’s been stolen.

They talk Arabic, carry the identity and acting patriotic.

A poisoned knife in their hands. Stabbed it in an orphan’s heart.

By killing his father.

Because he hold a key. A key that decrypts sentences and words that have been told by illiterates.

Words sang your name, Baghdad. 

oil colors on canvas


I’ve been born here.

In a borderless land.

I’m not alone.

There are many. Countless.

But I’m different.

They cut off my legs and hands and said “ You don’t need them”.

Although, I wasn’t convinced. So they beheaded me.

They thought they could steal my future.

But They are wrong. I’ll survive. I’ll grow up again. I’ll extend my roots and I’ll have new head and legs, my own leaves and words. Words talk to you in a language you understand.

I’ll have a new tomorrow.


Is it going to take long?

Is there a break?

I’m tired of your company.

There is no chance that you are going to stop talking.

You talk and ask a lot.

I can’t get my answers together.

I’m tired of your similar questions.

You accompanied me for a long time.

Don’t be surprised if I give up your company.

I’ll leave you at the first halt, or you leave.

oil colors on canvas


The stranger:

Don’t stare at me to long.

Don’t be confused.

I’m the stranger.

The one you read about in your books.

Don’t tell your children about me, let them discover me by chance. Perhaps, they’ll never meet me.

Leave it to destiny,  maybe it remembers me and then I might be just like you, I’ll be a person you only find in fiction stories.

oil colors on canvas



Perhaps he won’t come.

That’s it.

I’m tired of waiting.

He might forgot the date!

Or lost in the crowds and roads!

Or has a better date!

Or busy with his sick mother!

Or buying me a gift!

Doesn’t he know that today is a holyday,

and the shops are closed!?

Perhaps that’s the reason.

It should be the reason.

So I’ll keep waiting.

oil colors on canvas


I was a child.

I’ve been told that I should eat more to grow up fast.

I believed this and followed it but nothing changed.

I’m still the same. I still can’t compete his length.

But I’ll stare in his eyes. I’ll read his books and look through his letters to know him well and stay a step ahead of him.

I won’t tell him or I won’t be

scared of him.

So I don’t have to eat too much any more.

oil colors on canvas


The thieves have stolen your house.

The enemy has occupied your land.

The neighbors took over your things.

The wall has been planned and build.

You will be prisoner.

Your IDs are expired.

What now?


Doesn’t this mean anything?

Enough, stop staring at me like this.

oil colors on canvas


An oriental rug is a heavy textile, made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purpose, produced in “Oriental countries” for home use, local sale, and export.

Oriental carpets can be pile woven or flat woven without pile, using various materials such as silk, wool, and cotton. Examples range in size from pillow to large, room-sized carpets, and include carrier bags, floor coverings, decorations for animals,…..etc.

Materials used in carpet weaving and the way they are combined vary in different rug weaving areas. Mainly, animal wool from sheep and goats is used, occasionally also from camels. Yak and horse hair have been used in Far Eastern, but rarely in Middle Eastern rugs. Cotton is used for the foundation of the rug, but also in the pile.

oil colors on canvas


oil colors on canvas


I always though that me loving my kids is the highest level of love one can give, but after having grand kinds I found out that there is highest level than that.

I tried to show a harmony of colors which reflects a harmony of relationships.

I think by choosing this style, I can connect with the viewer in a more clear and expressive way.

Fantasy gives more room for expression which lacks in other subjects specially when trying to deliver deep thoughts.

What distinguish my works are colors and big interest in relationships. Picturing relationships through colors and figures. Not any relationship but warm, peaceful, stable, harmonious and intimate relationships. Such binding is appealing to me and worth projecting. Any of those relationships is interesting which can be among people's, groups, countries, cultures...etc.

oil colors on canvas